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sex toy synced to video,Dedicated Pick and Place Machine for LED lens assembly from 10+ years experience manufacturer!


Dedicated Pick and Place Machine for LED lens assembly from 10+ years experience manufacturer!

Unlike standard placement machines that have been adapted to LED assembly, the HCT automatic pick and place machines are purpose built, allowing it to do its one thing – building LED boards and LED driver boards – really well.

LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED fan lamp, LED backlight, even irregularly shaped boards can also be assembled quickly, accurately and reliably on HCT-V8.


Product Features:

sex toy child of,•  High-accuracy: Vision On the Fly Alignment to guarantee high accuracy.

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•  Specially designed for LED lenses assembly.,Automatic masturbation device

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•  Can also place SMD components from 0603 to 7474, including resistors, capacitors, high-power LED, standard and irregularly shaped LEDs.,cách làm sex toy

•  Magnetic levitation linear motor in X and Y axis for high repeatability and stability.,pastel goth sex toy graphix

•  Using imported high precision ball screw, motor, solenoid valve, cable, etc., effectively improve the placement accuracy and stability.,Automatic masturbation device

safaree sex toy length,•  Self-developed software simplifies production, easy operating and programming.

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Technical Parameters :

Model HCT-V8
Alignment Flying Vision Alignment System
Number of Spindles 8 Spindles x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed FOR LENS 18000CPH (Optimum)
For LED 40000CPH (Optimum)
Placement Accuracy ±0.03mm(Based on the standard chips)
Component Range Vision Alignment For all General lenses
Max Height H=12mm
Board Dimension(mm) Minimum 50(L) x 50(W)
Maximum 1,200(L) x 460(W)
PCB Thickness 0.5 – 3.0
Board Handling Method Inline Conveyor
Lens Feeding Customized Vibration Tray
Tape Feeder Feeder Type Electric Feeder
Feeder Capacity 20 (12mm)
Utility Power AC 220V/240V 50/60Hz, Single phase
Max 3.2KW
Air Consumption 0.55-0.7MPa (5.6-7.1kgf/cm2)
Mass Approx. 1680kg + 100kg
External Dimension(mm) 2,000(L) x 1,400(D) x 1,400(H)

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