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Streamline design and internal modular design, suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and DIP components.,gia dimarco public disgrace sex toy store

♦ Streamline design and internal modular design, suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and DIP components.

rick and morty sex toy,♦ The spraying system uses a centrifugal fan to extract air to prevent the soldering flux from dripping onto the PCB.

♦ Soldering flux buffer tank sensor is external, more reliable and durable.,hiky sex toy shots

sets adjustable cock rings,♦ Standard cold air knife to prevent soldering flux mist from spreading out and reduce pollution.

♦ Dual wave control uses stepless frequency conversion technology, which can independently control the wave height.,making my pussy feel good using a sex toy

♦ 1 / 4HP high power wave motor, the maximum wave height can reach 15mm.,easy love stroker

² With over-temperature sound and light alarm and emergency braking system, all motors have overload protection.,male sex doll toy porn

pink sex toy hanging from vagina,♦ The transportation system adopts stepless electronic adjustment and closed-loop control, and the speed is stable and accurate.

sex toy store pereira colombia,♦ The inlet end is equipped with a pressure assist device to prevent the PCB from slipping when entering.

egglayer sex toy,♦ The track angle is manually adjusted for easy operation.

extrean dildos,♦ The auxiliary nozzle is driven by a stepping motor to ensure uniform coating of the soldering flux.

♦ The modular design of the spray system, the spray head is always vertical track, to ensure that the flux penetrates the PCB well.,best blowjob sex toy

♦ The preheating zone is heated by three sections of motors with full hot air, high temperature throughout, glass protection, and stable temperature.,asex shop

corn shaped dildos,♦ The preheating system adopts PID control, and the temperature curve is stable, which can easily find the best settings for various lead-free processes.


Model No.


Transportation System

its raining dildos,PCB Width

gia dimarco public disgrace sex toy store,Max. 350mm

PCB Conveyor Height,barely legal prtite solo dildos


PCB Conveyor Speed,carribean dildos

dildo vibrator sex toy,0-1.8m/min

gia dimarco public disgrace sex toy store,PCB Conveyor Direction

LRRL option

Spraying System

 Spraying Way,massive butt plug

carribean dildos,Stepper Motor & ST-6 nozzle

Flux storage tank ,massive butt plug

easy love sex toy,Max. 5.2L

Preheating System

corn shaped dildos,Preheating Length 

1800mm,teen girl fucks line of dildos

Preheating Zone,massive butt plug

3 zones of hot air, independent control,dildos huge furry

Preheating Temperatures,gia dimarco public disgrace sex toy store

Max. 220

Preheating Power,gia dimarco public disgrace sex toy store

10KW,easy love stroker

 Soldering System

Applicable Solder Type,rick and morty sex toy

girls test out different dildos,Lead-free

reusable penis sleeve,Melting Tin Quantity

retail sex toy stores in west palm beach,350KG

Wave Soldering Furnace Power,best latex free condoms

16KW,sets adjustable cock rings

General Parameters

Power Supply,dildos huge furry

3 Phase 380V(220V option),free sex toy with free shipping

big boob milfs deep throating dildos,Air Supply

4-7kg/cm2 12.5L/min,sex toy suppliers

Start Power,its raining dildos

25KW,reusable penis sleeve

Working Power

easy love stroker,MAX 8KW

realistic big dildos not plastic, Temperature Control

Computer Controlled,home mode items to use as dildos

pore cleanser sex toy,Control Mode

male sex doll toy porn,Mitsubishi PLC

male sex toy furniture,Weight

Max 2200kg,what kind of lube is best for dildos

reusable penis sleeve,Body Dimensions

L3800xW1350xH1650 MM,hiky sex toy shots

Total Dimensions,reusable penis sleeve

pink sex toy hanging from vagina,L4600xW1350xH1650 MM

 ,throwing dildos into her holes

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